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Allianz Truck Warrior protecting over 5,000 goods carrying vehicles

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MORE than 5,000 Allianz Goods-Carrying Vehicle Comprehensive customers have included the Allianz Truck Warrior add-on to their policies since its launch in February.

Allianz Truck Warrior is the latest in the Allianz Road Rangers fleet, which offers roadside assistance to motorcycles, cars and now goods-carrying vehicles.

This coverage, which opened for issuance on Jan 12, is the first of kind in Malaysia.

The add-on provides policyholders with roadside assistance services up to three times a year. This includes towing of their goods-carrying vehicles up to 100km roundtrip by the company’s dedicated fleet of tow trucks, as well as on-site repair service for breakdowns.

Customers will also be covered with a flood relief allowance of up to RM5,000 per event in the event the vehicle is damaged by flood. All this can be enjoyed by the policyholder with a purchase of Allianz’s motor insurance policy and an RM120 add-on for Allianz Truck Warrior.

Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Bhd chief claims officer Damian Williams said the add-on was primarily conceived to address logistics downtime and external operations costs incurred by businesses in the event of a breakdown.

“Did you know that the average cost of towing a lorry when it breaks down is approximately RM800 and the cost increases based on distance? With Allianz Truck Warrior, we offer you a solution that solves all the haggling, waiting, negotiating at only RM120. No more waiting for a tow truck and risk having your productivity adversely affected by this as we will be there, on time when you need us,” he added.

To qualify for the coverage, the vehicle has to fulfil the following criteria; the goods-carrying vehicle has to have an A or C permit with comprehensive cover, up to 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, and the age of the vehicle is up to 20 years.

With the aim to provide customers with end-to-end coverage, Williams said it wanted businesses to be assured that their goods-carrying vehicles were given comprehensive protection if something were to go wrong.

“For minor issues, we will send our bike brigade to try and get the vehicle up and running again to ensure business continuity. We want our customers to have a trusted and reliable partner that will show up on time when towing is required.

“That is why more than 5,000 goods-carrying vehicles have already chosen to take up Allianz Truck Warrior,” he continued.

Based on statistics from Insurance Services Malaysia, there were around 677,000 goods vehicle policies last year and the total newly registered commercial vehicle, as per reported by Malaysian Automotive Association, was approximately 79,000.

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